Walter de Oude

Founder at Chocolate Finance and Singlife, Chocolate Finance and Singlife

Finance, Entrepreneurship
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Walter de Oude




Walter de Oude, the visionary architect of Chocolate Finance, introduces a groundbreaking paradigm in spare cash savings. Chocolate Finance diverges from traditional fixed deposits, offering global users enticing returns without cumbersome restrictions. Rooted in the belief that individuals seek enhanced returns for a richer life, the platform provides a refreshing and innovative alternative. Walter, with a remarkable track record, previously founded Singapore Life (Singlife) in 2014, guiding it to an impressive value of S$3.2 billion by 2020. Post his Singlife venture, he established Chocolate Ventures, an early-stage VC, inviting investors to co-invest in promising opportunities where his expertise adds substantial value. His financial ventures redefine savings, emphasizing lasting impact and democratic lending. Walter stands as a pioneer reshaping the financial landscape through forward-thinking and customer-centric ventures, fostering business growth.